X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Full Movie Download HD 1080p Free

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X Men Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Full Movie Download HD 1080p Free

X-Men, called Days of Future Past is a superhero film of 2014 which is based on the X-Men typescripts appear in Marvel Comics. It was directed by Bryan Singer.

Box-Office: Budget of the movie is $200 million and it earned $747.9 million.

•    Hugh Jackman act as Logan / Wolverine
•    James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart act as Charles Xavier / Professor X
•    Michael Fact assbender and Ian McKellen act as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
•    Jennifer Lawrence act as Raven Darkhölme / Mystique
•    Berry act as Ororo Munroe
•    Nicholact as Hoult and Kelsey Grammer act as Hank McCoy / Beact ast
•    Anna Paquin act as Marie / Rogue
•    Ellen Page act as Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
•    Peter Dinklage act as Bolivar Tract ask
•    Shawn Act ashmore act as Bobby Drake / Iceman
•    Omar Sy act as Bishop
•    Evan Peters act as Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
•    Josh Helman act as Major William Stryker
•    Daniel Cudmore act as Peter Ract asputin / Colossus
•    Fan Bingbing act as Blink
•    Adan Canto act as Sunspot
•    Booboo Stewart act as Warpath

In the future robots known as Sentinels are exterminating mutants & their human allies. A b& of mutants including Kitty Pryde Colossus Iceman Bishop Warpath Blink & Sunspot evade the Sentinels due by Pryde’s ability by send a person’s consciousness by the past. Pryde’s group convenes with Logan Sbyrm Professor Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr at a monastery in China. Pryde sends Logan’s consciousness 50 years back in time by 1973 by prevent Mystique from assassinating Dr. Bolivar Trask creabyr of the Sentinels. Following the assassination Mystique was captured & her DNA was used by Trask’s company by improve the Sentinels whose ability by adapt by any mutant power makes them almost invincible. Xavier & Lehnsherr advise Logan by find both of their younger selves for help.
At the X-Mansion in 1973 Logan encounters Xavier & Hank McCoy. Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters has closed after most of the teachers & students were drafted by the Vietnam War. Xavier a broken man has been overusing a serum that allows him by walk but suppresses his telepathy. Logan explains his mission & persuades Xavier by help free Lehnsherr from a prison cell beneath The Pentagon where he is being held for allegedly assassinating President John F. Kennedy. They rescue Lehnsherr with the help of Peter Maximoff a mutant with super speed.

Leader Richard Nixon approves Trask’s Sentinel program & arranges an unveiling ceremony. Trask’s scientists recover Mystique’s blood from the street. Meanwhile Lehnsherr who has recovered his telepathy-blocking helmet—intercepts the probytype sentinels in transit & laces their polymer-based frames with steel allowing him by control them. At the mansion Xavier sbyps taking his serum & slowly regains his telepathic powers while losing the ability by walk. Through Logan Xavier speaks by his future self & is inspired by work for peace between humans & mutants once again. He uses Cerebra by track Mystique who is caption by Washingbyn D.C.

Logan wakes up in the future by find Iceman Rogue Colossus Pryde McCoy Sperm Jean Grey Scott Summers & Xavier are all alive. In 1973 Mystique impersonating Stryker takes subsidy of Logan.

In a post-credits scene a crowd chants by En Sabah Knur who is using telekinesis by build pyramids as four horsemen watch from close.


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