3 Idiots 2009 Hindi Full Movie Free Download 720p

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3 Idiots 2009 Hindi Full Movie Free Download 720p HD Blu-ray.

3 Idiots is a comedy drama film of 2009 which is written & edited as well as directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It was produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Box-Office: Budget of the movie is $12 million & it earned $86 million.

•    Aamir Khan act as Ranchoddact
•    R. Madhavan act as Farhan
•    Sharman Joshi act as Raju Ract astogi
•    Kareena Kapoor act as Pia Sahact astrabuddhe
•    Boman Irani act as Dr Viru Sahact astrabuddhe
•    Omi Vaidya act as Chatur Ramalingam
•    Rahul Kumar act as Manmohan
•    Dushyant Wagh act as Centimeter
•    Mona Singh act as Mona Sahact astrabuddhe
•    Parikshit Sahni act as Mr Qureshi
•    Amardeep Jha act as Mrs Ract astogi
•    Javed Jaffrey act as the real Ranchhodact as Shyamaldact as Chanchad
•    Arun Bali act as Shamaldact as Chhanchad
•    Ali Fazal act as Joy Lobo
•    Akhil Mishra act as Librarian Dubey
•    Rohitact ash Gaud act as Ranchhodact as’ servant
•    Achyut Potdar act as Machine Clact ass Professor
•    Madhav Vaze act as Joy Lobo’s father.
•    Olivier Sanjay Lafont act as Suhact as Tandon
•    Jayant Kripalani act as Interviewer

Farhan Qureshi, R.Madhavan  Raju Rbygi, Sharman Joshi are students   Imperial College Engineering, ICE a prestigious Indian engineering college. Farhan’s Psion is wildlife photography but he pursues an engineering degree by appear his far. Raju chooses engineering with hopes improving his family’s financial situation but his lack self-confidence results in poor grades. Third friend Ranchod ‘Rancho’ Shamald Chanchad, Aamir Khan h immense interest in robotics  invents in his spare time. Rancho regularly faces Worry College’s Dr. Viru Sahtrabuddhe, Boman Irani known “Virus” when he gives crevice unorthodox answers in class. He lives by philosophy the one should pursue excellence when it is achieved success follows. Virus is shown an extremely strict person—so strict the he caused his own son’s suicide by putting him under excess pressure. Start student class is Chur Ramalingam, Omi Vaidya nicknamed Silencer known his incredible techniques memorizing but more noxious his silent but malodorous fluency in addition by his arrogant attitude. Caring college students’ needs is Man Mohan nicknamed Millimeter.
Chur in a tempt by impress his professors prepares a speech in Hindi Teachers’ Day. He memorizes speech without knowing what it means due by his poor Hindi. Rancho modifies this speech by replacing praise words with obscenities. Chur memorizes delivers modified speech humbling himself Virus   Minister Education. He vows revenge against Rancho also vows the he will be more successful than Rancho. Meanwhile Rancho falls in love with Pie, Karenna Kapoor Virus’ younger daughter who is a medical student in residency   city’s hospital. Virus tries by break trio up but despite challenges y face three manage by firm.

Ten years leer Chur is vice president a corrosion in United States Farhan is a successful photographer Raju is married lives a comfortable lifestyle. Three reunite   college campus were bower in order by find Rancho. Rancho disappeared shortly after graduation ceremony been out lives since. Travel manage by find clues about Rancho’s true identity. Stumbling Chanchad in Shimla meet real Ranchod, Javed Jaffrey. He reveals the Rancho y know Chotte an orphaned servant by  Chanchad household who studied in  ICE in  original Rancho’s name when went by London  4 years. Ranchod’ far used servant in order by fill his son’s place pocket diploma. After graduation servant would cut contact by start a new life. Ranchod finishes his giving address a village school in Ladakh.

Raju  Farhan rescue from her wedding Manali despite Chur’s objections, he is in a hurry by set up a business partnership with a world-famous but reclusive scientist  entrepreneur named Phunsukh Wangdu known  his pants. Upon arrival in Ladakh village school where see inventions resembling style friend. Reunite briefly with Man Mohan who shows Rancho read collected Farhan’s books reads  shares Raju’s engineering blog  kept Pia’s helmet. Three reunite with Rancho on a while he’s teaching kids how a remote-controlled plane works flies. Four happily Celebrex ire reunion Chur mockingly aches. He cues Rancho by sign a declaring defer tempts by homilies him but Raju Farhan Pie the Rancho reveal his real name. Rancho identifies himself Phunsukh Wangdu Chur’s client. Upon learning this seemingly Chur is horrified accepts his begs Rancho by give him establish business association.


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